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The Hague  is the capital city of the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State, but the city is not the capital of the Netherlands which constitutionally is Amsterdam.

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How did you end up in Hague?

Share your initial impressions:  I was very excited when I first arrived in Holland. I didn’t have a place to stay and had no idea where I was but I was happy and looking forward to my university experience. It lasted for about 6 weeks before everything went downhill for the next 3 years. I loved the university’s building and that’s one thing I didn’t stop admiring every single day of my stay there.

We’ve heard that there is no quieter town than Hague… Is that so?
It is so calm that it borders boring. It is a good place to raise a family – lots of green spaces, quiet, safe – but it is lacking the student spirit. There aren’t too many activities for international (non-Dutch speaking) students.

Местоположение Хага

Can you really feel the spirit of international jurisdiction?
I didn’t feel anything while I was there; I feel it more now that I have left. It was everyday living while I was there – school, work, homework, supermarket, going out, shopping, the usual. Looking at the international court didn’t inspire any grand thoughts despite it being a very pretty building. I guess nothing seems that amazing if you are there.

Do you have a favorite street? Or any other place where you would go again and again?
Noordeinde Hoogstraat – it’s a pedestrian street with nice shops on either side and there is a cafe on one of the corners where I used to go often on weekends. It’s a nice memory.

The Hague is rather small, easy to walk around and makes for a pleasant stroll in general. If I had to choose one place I would say the water by the parliament buildings. It is lovely when the sun is out. There is also an antiques market once a week very close by, together with a small park and some quirky shops that are rather interesting.

Холандско сирене

Would you live permanently in Hague? What are you going to miss?
I wouldn’t live in The Hague (or Holland) permanently. I didn’t enjoy my time there and didn’t feel at home. I do not miss anything. I was glad to leave.

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Must see in Hague:
The water by the parliament buildings (Binnenhof), do not forget to walk through the inner courtyard, it is very nice. Grote Kerk and the surrounding main streets; Nordeinde street (or one of the parallel streets going towards Malieveld park), where there are interesting shops; Kijkduin – the nice, wild part of the beach, ideal for walks and kite-surfing (or at least watching them).


What are the natives? How do they treat foreigners? What about Bulgarians?
The people are alright; I never quite understood them and failed to integrate properly. They seem to be open to foreigners in general, including Bulgarians.

Make a poetic comparison between Hague and Bulgaria :)
I am not much of a poet. Sorry.

The public transport is… Very organised! Trams, buses, trains, not cheap.

On the beach (is there good conditions for sun-blur)?
There is a beach, but it is not very pretty, and it is cold and windy. The water is a bit brown. It makes for a nice day out (no swimming) if the sun is out, which is very rare.

Buildings by Water

What advice would you give to people planning go to the Holland town?
I am not the best person to advise on The Hague as I am negatively biased. I know many people that enjoy their time there so I think anybody going to Holland should collect a number of opinions from several people. I would probably advise them to think about what they want from their student town and choose accordingly. There are many places that are famous for vibrant student life and there are those (The Hague) that are on the quieter side. It depends on one’s preferences.

Grote Kerk

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The currency in Holland is: €Euro
1 €~ 1.95лв

жизнен стандарт Хага

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