It is hard not to fall in love with Johnny Depp?!?! Especially when he is tucked comfortably into the role of witty, amusing and relentlessly charming 3D chameleon.

You don’t even try to think that we are talking about simple lizard that changes its colors. On the contrary! Rango is one very unique representative of both the animal and cartoon species.

We even dare to claim that this alien, screen form of life will go under your skin for unlimited period of time.

Wide-eyed and funny, this new pet in our 3D case, has a lot to brag about. First of all, Rango is one very unusual hero of the modern times. But because of this he is also entrusted with an important mission: to save the inhabitants of the town of Dirt from massive, sinister dehydration and slow and painful death.

Peculiar or not, the brave chameleon possesses tons of human emotions which constantly keep crawling out of his green, scaly soul. Fear, surprise, love, anger, sadness. Conscience.

So enjoy Rango in the trailer!

[youtube k-OOfW6wWyQ]